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Electrical Conduits : SHK British Standard GI Conduits
SHK BS 4568 GI Conduits Class 4 & Class 3 | More Info
G.I. Conduit Class 4 and Class 3 are manufactured as per BS 4568 Part 1: 1970 Standards. Class 4 is Hot Dipped Galvanized both inside and outside zinc coated where as Class 3 Conduits also know as Light Gauge G.I. Conduit are mostly outside protected / Galvanized
Junction Box | More Info
All Types of Junction (Circular) Boxes One Way (Terminal), Two Way (Angle and Through), Three Way (Tee), Four Way (Cross)
Junction Box (Branch) | More Info
Special 2 Way - "U" type, 3 Way - "Y" type and 4 Way - "H" type Circular Junction Boxes as per BS Standard are also available
Back Outlet Junction Box | More Info
Back Outlet Circular Junction Boxes as per BS 4568 Part 1: 1970 with Simpler Back Outlet, One Way - Terminal, Two Way - Angle and Through, Three Way - Tee and Four Way - Cross / Intersection
Cover - Junction Box | More Info
Wide range of accessories with all kinds of covers for junction box - Round lid, Hook Plate, Dome Type, Ball and Socket, Celing Plate and more
Coupler | More Info
All kind of couplers are available - Electro-galvanized coupler, Hot Dipped Coupler (Heavy), Extension Coupler, Earthing Coupler, Flange Coupler and more
Saddle | More Info
All kind of hanging and placing conduit options are available for different site conditions - Spacer Bar Saddle, Distance Saddle, Hospital Saddle, Half Saddle, Plain Saddle, Crampet, Twisted Crampet, Hanging Clamp, Nail Clamp and more
Elbow, Bend, Tee & Inspection type | More Info
All basic accessories like Elbows Normal Bends, Tees, Inspection Elbows, Inspection Bends, Inspection Tees which are commonly used in the wiring process are available with us
Bush Male (Long / Short), Female / Reducers / Stopping Plug | More Info
All kinds of Bushing: Male (Long / Short) Female Bush for purposes such as easy pulling of wires without cutting at the edges are available, Reducers of different sizes make it easy to convert the conduit size.
Accessories Lock Nut / Ring / Looping Box / Extension Ring / Hook | More Info
All sizes of Luck Nut and Rings are available to have a secured tightend ends to bushing, adaptors, G.I. Boxes and all other site conditions
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We would like to thank SHK International for their co-operation in providing Conduits and Accessories for our project in Sila'a. With your co-orperation we have accomplished our work at site on time. Looking forward for mutual projects in future.
Eng. Moad Sameer,
Project Engineer, GCCIA Power Grid
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